Towed Water Sport

Personal Watercrafts (PWC) or jet skis  can be used for waterskiing activities. Waterskiing involves the towing of one or more persons behind the PWC (jet ski). The person being towed can be on skis, bare feet, inflatable devices or boards.
The operator of the PWCor jet ski is responsible for ensuring the waterway is safe for skiing. Check for hazards, sufficient depth of water and widths to make turns safely. Do not ski in areas where jet skis or PWCs are not allowed to operate (check: prohibitory zones for jet skis in Abu Dhabi). In some locations, signs may be posted dictating the direction of travel.
Make sure you always check these signs before skiing to avoid going in the wrong direction. 
This kind of water sports in Abu Dhabi is great fun indeed, but remember, there are waterskiing rules that apply to PWCs or jet skis towing skiers. These rules are designed to help you enjoy safe water sports in Abu Dhabi and they include:
An operator must not operate a jet ski towing a skier unless they:
  • ensure all equipment to be used on a particular day is in a safe condition by thoroughly inspecting it on that day; and
  • make sure the PWC or jet ski is safe and is capable of towing; and
  • have the right safety equipment for passengers being towed and ensure its correct use during towing operations; and
  • conduct towing operations in an anticlockwise pattern of travel unless otherwise directed by signage, Authorized Officers and Enforcement Officers; and
  • operate a PWC or jet ski as safely as possible and first check the operational area is safe for towing by noting the depth of water, width of operational area to make turns safely and any hazards, including aerial hazards; and
  • carry an observer (more than 14 years of age) onboard the PWC competent to watch the person being towed at all times to report any danger, signals, falls or mishaps.
The observer must immediately tell the operator if:
  • there is a danger, or potential danger to the skier,
  • the skier signals the observer, and
  • the skier has an accident.
The carrying capacity of the PWC must cater for the operator, observer and any person(s) being towed.
If another skier is on the water before you, follow their direction ensuring there is a safe distance between your Personal Watercraft and the skier in front.
Prohibited areas for towed water sports in Abu Dhabi
Towed water sports are prohibited in—
  • areas that are designated as prohibited by signs; and
  • all six knot zones including harbors and marinas; and
  • within 60 meters of people in the water, anchored vessels, divers flags, jetties, pontoons or boat ramps and swimming areas; and
  • during times of when the PWC or jet ski is operating in an area where there is a current
  • tough weather conditions as highlighted by the National Centre for Metrology and Seismology such as:
    • a gale warning; or
    • a storm warning; or
    • a severe thunderstorm warning; or
    • a sandstorm warning; or
    • a severe weather warning; and