Provisions and Conditions

Companies who wish to practice personal watercraft or jet ski rental activities mus abide by the following provisions:
  1. Provide specialized trainer and guard to monitor the use of PWC.
  2. Provide boat to be a life used for emergencies only.
  3. Ensure that the PWC is used in the specified locations starting after the sunrise till the sunset.
  4. Keep a copy of the facility trade license, the PWC registration cards and other relevant documents to present them upon request.
  5. Prepare and keep the following records:
    • Employee log, positions and information on their identity and addresses.
    • Data and information related to the PWCs owned by the facility, especially the PWC type, model, chassis number, motor, registration number with the security entity, and insurance policy number and details.
    • Data and information related to the persons who rent PWC including, but not limited to, their names, nationalities and jobs, in addition to the date, time and period of the rental. 
  6. Provide the safety and protective equipments and first aids in the rental site and obligate the renters to wear life jackets and helmets to protect them.
  7. Provide the PWC operators with the necessary information on how to use it and the permitted as well as restricted areas to operate a PWC.
  8. No maintenance works shall be done to the PWC in the operation sites or on shores. All PWC should be transferred to the dedicated places for maintenance or workshops.
  9. Prepare a “General Requirements” form for the renters to abide by and implement during the use of a PWC and request them to sign it.
  10. Fulfill the requirements of fuel storage stipulated by the Civil Defense whether small oil tanks or mobile tanks.
  11. Fix one umbrella within the facility dedicated area as per the provisions of this bylaw provided that it is removed if requested by the competent authority. Convenient number of seats should be provided for use by the PWC renters and operators. 
Personal watercraft rental rules:
  1. A person must be at least 14 years old to rent a PWC.
  2. For persons between 14 and 17 of age, a custodian is required to rent the PWC.
  3. Physical and mental health is stipulated to operate a PWC.
  4. Acquaintance with the PWC operation rules and swimming are required to operate a PWC.
A rental facility shall be responsible for ensuring the fulfillmentof the above requirements.