Marine Environment

Below are general tips you can follow to help in keeing a sustainable marine environment in Abu Dhabi.
PWC or jet ski operators should consider the environment and others who use, or live by the water. As PWCs can be loud, it is important to try to operate these in areas where the noise will not disturb other people or wild life. Noise can be annoying, and therefore it is important to consider the effects of your activities on those surrounding you and other operators. Be considerate, particularly early in the morning and when the winds are blowing toward residential areas.
For instance, the infrequent sounds produced by PWCs have the potential to ruin peace and quiet for marine life, beach users, and potentially harm the rider’s hearing. In fact, noise generated by PWCs is in the range of 85-105 decibels (dB) per unit.
It is an offence to deliberately discharge garbage, oil and chemicals into the marine environment. Severe penalties apply on such acts. 
Everyone can help protect the marine environment by reporting marine pollution to the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi. You can call us on 800-888888 to report such acts at any time.
PWCs or jet skis are designed with the ability to access shallow waters, which can endanger remote and sensitive seashore.  It is important to avoid shallow areas (especially areas that include Mangrove Trees), as the powerful jet from the PWC has the possibility of disturbing the environment and marine wildlife.
The use of PWCs can have potential significant impacts on the marine environment through causing high water surface disturbance which irritates marine life that has the potential to cause the death of small fishes, damage to nesting birds, movement of spawning fishes, and obstruct the movement of marine mammals.
Therefore, always ensure that you ride your jet ski in areas that are not prohibited for jet skis or PWCs in Abu Dhabi.