After Sailing

After sailing with your personal watercraft or jet ski, you can go through the following check list to maintain the jet ski and enjoy it in future rides.
  • After removing the PWC from water, start & rev engine to remove excess water from the exhaust. Remove bungs and drain the hull.
  • Hose down the PWC and trailer. Remove all sand and salt build-up, paying particular attention to the inside of the jet unit. Hose out the engine bay. Do not spray water up the air box intake.
  • Flush out the engine cooling system with fresh water.
  • Remove seating
  • Use flush fitting to hook up water to the engine. Remove safety cap and hook up flush fitting
  • Start the engine and let run until it idles smoothly
  • Turn on the water supply
  • Gently rev the engine to help it circulate the water through the exhaust system – continue for 3-5 minutes
  • Turn off water supply
  • Rev engine gently to remove water from exhaust and then shut down the engine
  • Spray engine with suitable anti-corrosion
  • Leave seats and storage bucket off until engine dries out
  • Store PWC under cover