Department of Transport Implements Abu Dhabi Master Plan to Boost Transport and Road Infrastructure

The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi has announced the implementation of its Master Plan to develop the transportation and roads sectors in the emirate. The DoT has also announced that it has finalized agreements with some major international construction companies specialized in developing the multimodal cargo transportation sector for projects in the Emirate.

The Master Plan is in line with Abu Dhabi’s economic development plans, which are aimed at raising the standard of life and environmental sustainability to be achieved as part of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. An integral part of DoT’s strategy is to enhance mobility and to deliver a safe, secure and environmentally responsible transport infrastructure in the emirate for material goods though smooth and convenient transportation solutions across the maritime, aviation, public transportation and highway sectors.

For its part, the DoT will adopt a set of policies and master plans to develop transport and roads infrastructure in the emirate, keeping pace with the current economic development and the ambitious Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. The DoT is also working on implementing long and short-terms plans to improve Abu Dhabi’s transport infrastructure following the best international standards.

Commenting on the Master Plan, Mohamed Nasser Al Otaiba, the Freight Director in the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi said: “The Master Plan is another strategic step towards ensuring Abu Dhabi’s integrated urban development plan, in line with Plan Abu Dhabi 2030. The plan has been put in place in accordance with the objectives underlined by the leadership to make Abu Dhabi a leading international destination. DoT has ensured that this plan is properly financed to achieve the goal of connecting all seven emirates of the UAE.”

DoT has recently conducted the first in a series of three Freight Transport Master Plan workshops, which has received a great deal of interest from the public as well as private sectors. The recent workshop revolved around three main themes; the value of freight and how it contributes to the national economy, the regulatory and transport aspect of freight transport, and technology.

The shipping industry in Abu Dhabi has witnessed a phenomenal 15% growth over the last five years worth nearly US$ 300 million. The transport of cargo is totally dependent upon the road network for internal transportation because of the lack of a rail network. The National Transportation Authority and the Union Railways Company have decided to establish a railway network spanning 1,100 kilometres and providing a high-speed train system to transport freight and link the seven emirates of the UAE.


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