Rail Freight

The advent of rail freight in Abu Dhabi provides excellent opportunities to improve freight efficiency which will support a diversified and growing economy. An extensive rail network is planned by Etihad Rail Company, the UAE government owned organisation formed to deliver a rail system in the UAE. It will also cross borders to connect with Oman and Saudi Arabia, forming a key part of a wider GCC network. The network offers terminal locations to cater for the relevant industries and attract traffic based on business analysis and demand forecasting carried out by Etihad Rail. Terminals, depending on location, are planned to have facilities to handle commodities such as aluminum, cement, steel, aggregates, sulphur, manufactured goods and containers. Such terminals are planned to be located in order to interchange with the road, air and maritime networks, offering good levels of integration and connectivity.
The Plan strongly supports the development of rail freight and its success through fair and effective competition, within the railway itself and between the railway and other transport modes. Support is required to ensure freight efficient rail alignments and demand driven terminal locations as well as efficient road access to those terminals.