There are a number of different types of transport that can carry freight; normally categorized into road, rail, air and sea. In reponse to the growing demand on freight within Abu Dhabi, The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi is launching the Multimodal Freight Master Plan (Freight 2030) to govern the freight industry within the Emirate and to ensure it operates in a safe, fair and efficient manner.


Road Freight
Get information on DoT’s approach to managing road infrastructure, managing freight traffic and implementing new rules and regulations to improve the safety and efficiency of road freight.
Air Freight
Air freight to and from Abu Dhabi has been growing rapidly. This growth is expected to continue, resulting from the growth in airline services to and from Abu Dhabi and the rising value-added domestic economic activity in the Emirate.
Rail Freight
The advent of rail freight in Abu Dhabi provides excellent opportunities to improve freight efficiency which will support a diversified and growing economy.
Sea Freight
Maintaining and planning for adequate and efficient port capacity for cargo services, both for international and coastal shipping services now and into the future, will support an integrated multi-modal transport system.