n an exciting boost to the competitiveness to Abu Dhabi’s logistics industry double trailers are to be allowed on the roads of Abu Dhabi.  Abu Dhabi Police will issue permits to allow vehicles pulling two full length trailers to operate on approved routes provided they meet strict safety standards
Requirements stipulated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport to ensure safe operations will mean that trucks will have antilock braking systems across the vehicle and its trailers, the driver will be specially trained
Vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi and vehicles from other Emirates will be eligible to apply for a  Police Permit
Applications for permits are scheduled to open in September of this year
Full details can be found in a consultation document that you can download here  Companies are invited to review the proposals and feedback with comments by July 26th 2018  A final agreement on 
the details of the scheme will then be made taking into account the consultation comments.
Please download the form & Once you have completed the
form please submit it with supporting documents to