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Travel Demand Forecasting for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Travel Demand Forecasting for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
DoT’s Strategic Transportation Evaluation & Assessment Model (STEAM)
The DoT’s Strategic Transportation Evaluation & Assessment Model (STEAM) is a sophisticated multi-modal travel demand model, first launched in 2011 and later on updated from 2015 travel survey data and international benchmarking. STEAN is the official tool to forecast travel demand across Abu Dhabi Emirate.
Using demographics and land use data sourced from the Department of Planning & Minucipal Affairs for 2015, the 2040 planning horizon and the years in between (2020, 2025, 2030), STEAM is able to be used as analysis and assessment tool for these years. 
STEAM plays the role of a scenario testing tool to help make informed decisions about land use development, the transportation system and transport policy. It is able to model travel demand patterns across the transportation system for any combination of scenarios that include changes to the transport system, changes to land use and demographics, or changes to transport policies.
A typical day to day use of STEAM is to assist with the analysis of proposed land use developments by determining the effect the development has on the transportation system.  The STEAM model is also used as a tool in all major DoT highway and public transport studies to test and analyse different scenarios.
STEAM is able to produce a wide range of outputs, among them congestion levels at an intersection or on a section of road, travel times on any route, traffic flows, public transport passenger loads and passenger interchanges between public transport services.
The STEAM Model is considered to be one of the most sophisticated Strategic Models worldwide as confirmed the Technical Peer Review in (2012) & International Benchmark in 2013. The model has also won Abu Dhabi Excellence Award for best Technical Project/Team in 2015
The Department of Transport's vision is to deliver an Integrated and sustainable transport for a better quality of life for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  STEAM is a sophisticated and dynamic tool to help achieve this vision.
Check the related video and downloads below for an overview of STEAM Model.

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  STEAM Video
This video provides a high level overview of the Strategic Transportation Evaluation and Assessment Model including information about how it was developed, its functionality, and how the model is used by the Department of Transport.